Ael Swiftblade was born 14 years ago in the small town of Liircroft which was located in a isolated area and had no government and was purely self-sufficient. Everyone knew everyone in the town and it had a total population of about 100. During evening time at about 6:00 PM a terrible clang of metal and screeching could be heard out of the cottage windows and people woke up to see the things they wish they never had to see in their lifetime....

The foulest (non magic wielding) creatures were gathered in a horde... goblins....undead....trolls...kobolds.. all at the top of the hill. The creatures rushed towards the town as the men of the city took up in arms and grabbed their swords but were killed almost instantly from the quick speed and overwhelming numbers of the creatures. Trolls were kicking in doors as the undead and goblins rushed in and killed the men and kidnapped the women and children. The invaders reached Ael's house and by the time they got there Ael's father and his mother had grabbed items from the house to defend themselves as 6 years old Ael was sitting in his bed looking out the window at the bloodshed and burning houses.

The creatures pounded on the door... broke it in an instant and flooded the house. Ael's father swung furiously killing multiple golbins and his mom swung her kitchen knife into the neck of the undead killing them instantly. They had killed about 20 creatures in total when a pack of goblins rushed in... they quickly disarmed them and brought them to the center of town with some of the other residents... including Ael's childhood friend, "Sentry" they called him. The wickedest of the creatures took our pointed daggers and hammers in a flash. They begun torturing the townspeople in the cruelest way they knew until the villagerrs on the verge of dying. They all let out one short scream as the curved, rigid blades slit their necks and they gathered the possessions of the dead villagers and ran away into the night... never returning...

Ael awoke after blacking out while watching them torture his friends and family and his house was in the process of falling apart from the fire that started to spread from the other burning homes.  He quickly rushed out and ran away into the deep forest until he found himself at a grand kingdom. He spent 8 years at the kingdom, but not as a glorious knight helping out people from the bottom of their heart.. but as a renowned assassin for a secret underground cult that removed corrupt leaders and officials from power by means of killing. One day he was sitting in his residence on a cold january morning. In the hangout of the group and the door was closed shut and he awoke to the sound of a scream.

He got up and put on his armor and grabbed his weapons only to have the door locked. He paced around looking for an escape route but failed to find any.. he sat in his wooden chair and thought what might of happened. In that instant the rooms atmosphere changed. The room filled with a dark black and red magic that shocked him since he had never seen magic (or believed it existed) and backed up into the corner of the room. A large red portal appeared before him and a hooded figure with a sleek black robe stepped out and his wings were

tainted with the same magic that filled the room. The mere presence of the hooded figure gave him an eerie feeling. The figure then opened the door for him and led him to the assassin's gathering hall. There was bloodshed everywhere... all the friends he had made in the 8 years of living as an assassin were dead. The gray rocks of the walls were now rose colored bricks... slathered with the blood of organs that used to be humans. In that instant the hooded figure grabbed ael by the shirt and wispered an incantation that was inaudiable. "Ael, the one who has lost all..." he whispered, his facial features not visible still. Ael was filled with a painful corrupt magic and a feeling he had never felt before flowed through him "What are you doi-" and then his body wrentched in an unhuman way as two black flowing wings shot out of his back and a evil, corrupt power rushed into his body. "Ael... you are no longer human..." whispered the hooded figure

Ael grabbed his head in pain as he awoke on a hard metal surface. He thought for a moment he was in jail but then he realized he was laying on his own armor... a black metal forged by the evilest magic users in the magic world. It was forged by the very person who forced the evil power upon him.  He did not know what to do with the newfound power and walked into the nearest village that had a population of about 400. He staggered into the city.. but instead of being helped inside and treated... women and children screamed and the town's guards surrounded him in an instant holding up pikes and spears towards him. One of the guards thrusted a long silver pike into his armor and the pike cracked leaving a pile of ash on the floor. "MONSTER, FOUL CREATURE, EVIL BEGONE" The townsfolk were saying as the women and children threw knives that the village men had given them towards Ael.

Ael was angry for horrible things they were saying. A man who was wearing a shining plate mail approached him and swung a large axe into his abdomen sending him flying and then he hit the ground and started bleeding a dark black blood all over the scattered hay in the town square. ENOUGH! Ael screamed as he drew his

blade which was pulsing with dark magic and one slice instantly killed all the guards slicing them in half. "KILL IT NOW, IT IS SATAN'S HELLSPAWN" one women exclaimed. Ael flew around the village at a super fast velocity and killed everyone in sight, men women and children alike. He had gone insane with the dark magic bestowed upon him and ripped into human flesh mercilessly as he heared the cries of children weeping over mothers which were now piles of flesh. "Yes..... well done..." a eerie voice said, but when Ael looked around noone was around. His body was overflowing with evil corrupt energy and he sliced through innocent women and children who were crying over the men who had died. Ael crashed to the ground after the village of 400 was now a ghost town.. full of a scary emptiness... everyone was dead. Ael screamed into the sky after fighting with the insanity inside him and flew at the speed of a hawk towards the next nearest kingdom where he reached the walls and cried.. realizing what he had done. He had murdered innocent people and now he was a cold blooded killer. 2 Months later it was the month of  March and he had regained his former self and had found a city that would accept him for who he was... it was the only one who could.. a group of undead raiders and thieves who lived in a dungeon inside the mountains. News had traveled around that a large meteor that no magic could stop was headed towards the planet of Solinia (his home planet) and no magic could stop it. Fortunatly for him the undead feared him for his power and ran away into the forest nearby. Thats when the strange creatures approached him. They were

blue men who had a smile on their face, not a scared look of fear. They brought him aboard a gigantic ship, a ship far superior in technology and set off to bring him and all the other survivors to a new world.....
Cichol from mabinogi by the white shepard-d353a91

The hooded man

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