Name:Amoux Stonefang


Height: 8ft

Weight:300 lb

Fur:All Grey

Hair: Short ridge going down to shoulder's

Eyes: Dark Brown

Race: Dark Elf/Kobold

Age: 19

Combat Ability:Assassin

Amoux in Iron armour holding his two daggers Ice and Frost


Home City: Kastav Keep

Morality: Illusive and often found in the deep jungle's his dark thoughts are known only to himself.

Armour: None, common clothes

Weapons: Strikers Sword, Claws, Fangs

History: Amoux was born in Arintoth (A great city of the Under Realm) 19 years ago and lived their as a soldier and explorer for the great city. He explored almost all of solinia battling countless dragons and defeating various foes until age 12 (He was a natural born fighter) Then at the age of 17 he moved from redscar and took a 1 year trip across solinia searching for a place to settle down. He eventually came across Kastav Keep where he met kind kobolds and they took him in and took great care of him.

Allies and Enemies: Amoux has many powerful allies such as the master engineer Rareck Cobbleclaw Lupos Darkpaw Arkon Dawnwing and even Kaloro Darkpaw.

Future Plans: Amoux plans to return to the Under and start a great Empire.

Fighting Force: Amoux has his own outpost to the west of the main keep in a giant siege veichle where he and his small division of ratman troops from Redscar lay siege to the nearby lands and harvest resources.

Amoux in his full wolf form howling to the moon