Name: Amoux Stonefang


Height: 8'4

Weight: 300 lb

Fur: Mix of dark brown and black

Hair: Only a coat of wolf fur.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Race: Kobold

Age: 31

Combat Ability: Decent with daggers and bows mostly using poisoned bows.

Magic Ability: Alchemy

Alignment: Dark

Home City: Kastav Keep

Morality: Amoux Stonefang is often seen outside the walls fighting with the creatures of the night and has a short fuse and terrible temper. Will attack almost anything on sight

Armour: All chainmail no helmet and leather gauntlets

Weapons: Hunting Bow, Splash potion of slowness/weakness/instant damage, Kastavian enchanted sword, ZephyrAmoux Stonefang grasping his sword Zephyr