Arya Drottningu Edit

Arya is not of royal upbringing, as her name implies. She lived in a remote Angel village with her mother,father, and younger sister Opiose. One paticular afternoon ended all that, though. Her village was attacked by darkelves and her family was murdered. Seeking justice, she moved to the high elven capital with a friend.

At the capital, she realized she needed to help her race fight against not only the darkelves, but the fallen angels. Finally, after learning how to fly and practicing with her sword, Arya moved to the Angel capital.

Upon arriving, she met many other angels who greeted her warmly. Another defender of the weak, another warrior for the rising. Today, she lives on her own in AngelCity, awaiting the time to strike back at evil. She wants revenge for her younger sister and parents. After all, evil was nothing compared to the might the race of the Angels can bring.


Height: 5 foot 9

Age: 80 years of age, so fairly young

Weight: unusually light for her age

Favorite weapon: her trusty sword and bow

Favorite pastime: flying over the many wonderful natural features of the land.

Personality: Unsually firey temper for an Angel. Fiercely loyal to those who she knows she can trust and will stand by her friends until the end.

Some personal information: Has a soft spot for wolves