Aerowind Everblade as he appears


Name: Aerowind Everblade

Race: Half-Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (Forever Young)

Hair Colour: Brown/Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Title: N/A

Occupation: Wizard/Councilman/Battle-Mage

Home City: N/A

Current City: A Hobbit-Hole in the middle of nowhere.

Teenage Years

Aerowind began his trial in success in a small villiage just North of the HighGuard territory. There, he was taken under the wing of a legendary blacksmith. Eventually, Aerowind came up to the skill of the blacksmith. The blacksmith was old, and his life cycle eventually came to an end, and Aerowind was left with nothing, not even having the ability to defend himself with a sword.

A year after that, Aerowind settled in a town called Olvasound for about a week or two. His Ogre-Friend Grushbursh Ironhand found a mysterious potion that eventually turned Gurshbursh into a Human. They began to seek out King Vebril Aerowind of Sinta-Tal, a great Sorcerer and Wizard. Vebril managed to give Grushbursh a choice to stay a Human, or change back to a Ogre. Of course, he stayed a Human....

Maybe a moon-cycle after the whole potion incident, Aerowind was taken under the wing of King Vebril Aerowind of Sinta-Tal. Aerowind Everblade quickly excelled in his training. Rapidly learning Air, and proceeding onto Fire in a whisp of time. Vebril agreed that Aerowind Everblade had been one of his best students of all time. Aerowind Everblade eventually mastered all of the arcane elements.... Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

When Aerowind Everblade graduated the Mage College of Sinta-Tal he ran off to form his own town, Aerovale, wich many people quickly populated. Aerowind stared a family marrying Faye Moonkissed, another of his kind. Short after that, a little one was expected... Melkor Everblade.

Eventually, defense of the town was lacking. They had no guard towers, no defenses or anything. A dangerous pack of wolves lingered nearby the villiage... And they were dangerously close to Python's Lair, Ashengate. Aerowind was forced to forge The Ring of Power... Aerowind has no idea what the Ring of Power does yet, but it was forged with the power of the Immortal Gods. The Ring of Power was inscribed with Ash nazg durbatulûk, nazg gimbatul' agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. No one knows what this says yet, except for the most exalted of Wizards and Mages, like Aerowind. Mortals couldn't comprehend the power of this Ring of Power... Or what Solinia has in stock... Could this mean a dangerous War?