Azlit Drotning==

Growing up: Edit

Growing up, Azlit Drotning was called Arya Drotningu. She lived in a small remote village with her parents and sister. It is rumored that she is not a full Angel, but also part high elf, though no one knows for sure. When Azlit, then Arya, was a mere age of 10, her village was attacked by darkelves. Forced to watch her sister Opiose murdered before her very eyes, her parents following afterwards. Horrified, she fled to the forest. Stumbling upon the capital of the high-elves, then Sinta-Tal, she made quick friends with a few females and the highelf king, Vebril. Realizing she was bringing danger to her second beloved home, she said farewell to her friends and fled. Wandering the country, she met a stranger who asked her name. Deciding she was no longer going to be traced by her name, she changed it to Azlit Drotning, her first letter in her first name and last name a tribute to her parents. Moving on, she settled a town called Truncatis.


Once settled, a few travelers came upon Truncatis. Seeing her ways, they asked why she did not stick to the vegitarian lifestyle of her race. Her explanation was simple: "I roughed it for so long, I eat what is available. When the hunting is good, I hunt. When the crops are ripe, I eat them. One Angel, called Brom, asked to stay. Making quick friends, she decided to let him stay. 

Azlit, living for a mere 80 years, has only had time to master the art of flying, which came naturally, sword, and bow. She prefers bow over sword and is cautious when it comes to any individual.

While in Truncatis she decided to settle and survive was not enough, Survival came first, of course, but she wanted more. Not only to live, but to make a path for herself. She kills any monster of the dark that dares to come to her island and has busied herself in the art of magic. Currently, she is scowering Solenia for scrolls to learn, and will later sell the extra ones she is unable to use. 

In her search of the ancient scrolls, Azlit ran into a darkelf, Minerva. Upon sight, Azlit almost attacked there, but was later glad she did not. Getting to know Minerva, she found that all darkelves aren't comepletely evil, some were born into it.

Some extra info:Edit

Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: unusually light for her age

Description: long blonde hair that she usually ties up and light blue eyes with dark flecks, white wings with grey flecks, and absolutely despises dresses of any kind, preferring to wear 'male' clothing.

Personality: Unusual firey temper for an Angel, but will stand by her friends no matter what. Anyone threatens them she will attack without mercy. Get on her good side and you have a friend for life, betray her and you'll be sorry.

Personal Secret: Has a soft spot for wolves