General InformationEdit

  • Name: Azrael Bladesfire; alias Jacobus Astrovidines
  • Race: Tinai; Fallen Angel
  • Age: One hundred and eight thousand, five hundred years (108,500 yrs). However, over half of this time (the Dead Ages and early Modern Ages) was spent in imprisonment in the Copper Citadel on the Inner Ring, where the magical phenomenon of time dilation (as per Xenophon's Maxim of Special Relativity) may have shortened his subjective age.
  • Moral Alignment: Uncertain, apparently Good
  • Religious Affiliation: Methebeth
  • Current Occupation: Scholar; Mage; Trader

Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Height: 6'2"
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Shapeshifting: Like others of his race, Azrael has the ability to disguise his appearance (apart from height and eye colour) to a certain extent. In modern times, Azrael most often appears in the guise of a monk, his face hidden beneath the shadow of his hood, with ghostly, dark wings emanating from his shoulders. Azrael has also been known to take on the appearance of a elderly human, as he did when he assumed the identity of a Meropeian librarian called Jacobus Astrovidines c. 51610 ME.


Early Years

Azreal, before the Civil War

Along with the rest of the Tinai, the precursors of the Angels and the Fallen Angles, Azrael was begotten in the 35th century of the Mythological Age. Little is known of his early years, although archaelogical records, unnearthed at the City of Xenophon in the last century, indicate the possibility that he received instruction there. Following his education, Azrael returned to the Citadel of Esoron, where he was offered a position as a commissioned officer in the Angelic Guard, where he rose quickly through the ranks. By the outbreak of the Cataclysm, Azrael had become a Knight-Sentinel, and second in command of the strategically important Fireblade Citadel on the Outer Ring.

Civil WarEdit

Azrae's activities during the Angelic Civil War are a matter of extreme controversy. It is known that following the surprise attack on Esoron, and the death of Commander Auriel beneath the burning rubble, Azrael took full control of the Fireblade Citadel and assumed command of the associated wing of the Angelic Guard. While Azrael mantained during his trial for war crimes before the Armistice Commission that his actions in this event were in accordance with military protocol and in response to a unfortunate accident of war, the Commission judged the attack on Esoron, the death of Commander Auriel and the subsequent seizure of power to be a "conspiracy toward insurrection". The balance of the evidence appears to support the latter; while Azrael initially supported the war effort of the Capital, in 3 PC he switched sides, turning the armies and weaponry of the Citadel against his own people, claiming that The Adversity had managed to strike a coup and "usurp" command of the Angelic State. Despite the Fireblade Legion's antagonism, however, The Adversity's hordes were driven back, Fireblade Citadel stormed and Azrael captured. In a final act of treason - though Azrael insists he was merely trying to destroy the "evil" which had "infiltrated" the Angelic State - the Commander detonated the Thaumonuclear Fireballs stored in the Citadel's arsenal.

Imprisonment and ExileEdit

Unfortunately, all records of the activities of the Armistice Commission and the associated Angelic Peace Government have disappeared - thought whether this came to pass by the misfortunes and vagaries of time, or by the more studied action of mortal or immortal hand is unclear. The broad details of the Commission's judgement in the case of the Fireblade Incident is known, however: in 5 PC Azrael was convicted on counts of treason, conspiracy toward insurrection, murder, embezzlement, heresy, oathbreaking and breach of uniform regulations. Unusually, the court suspended the usual death sentence, instead sentencing Azrael to be bound within the Copper Citadel - many believe Methebeth himself to have had a hand in this clemency, though why the Divine Lord would wish to act to save such a creature is unclear.

In the year 273 ME, the Angelic government of the time took it upon themselves to revise Azrael's sentence. Azrael was released from his metal prison and given the dark mantle of the angel who has Fallen - one of the first number to receive such a treatment - as a symbol of the Angels' charity and forgiveness. Rather than join the Angels, however, Azrael turned his back, donning the simple robe of a monk and the name of "Bladesfire" as a reminder - though to whom this reminder was intended to serve is not clear.

Recent HistoryEdit


Azreal in Exile

To be continued...

Further ReadingEdit

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