General InformationEdit

Name: Azuri Dawnstar

Age: 80 years

Height: 6 foot 4

Race: Highelf

Moral Alignment: Good/Neutral

Looks: Green eyes, Silvery-Gold hair

Skills: Powerful sorcerer, also decent with melee weapons

Profession: Mage, Scholar, Sorcerer


Early LifeEdit

Azuri was born in the far of town of Eldaria, depp in the forests. He was born to a rich family and they paid for him to attend the Eldarian Mage college. At age 11, when he was old enough, he became a student at the college, studying and practicing the secret art of magic. He stayed there for 40 years, studying patiently, as it takes many, many years to become adept at the secret art, After those 40 years Azuri was granted the title of Scholar, having done all of the theoretical work necessary to become a one. Azuri then left the college for the customary 1 year holiday, free from magic. Unfortunately it didn't turn out so well.


Azuri travelled to Kumari near the end of his holiday, having been to all other places of interest. He was interested in meeting his kin-folk there, and eventually found their capital city of Sinta-Tal. He realized that they had a Mage college to rival Eldarian's. Unfortunately at that time his year was up and Azuri felt he had to leave to protect tradition. While making his way back to Eldaria he was waylaid by bandits, captured and dragged in front of an evil Necromancer. Azuri was enslaved to him and was tortured for no reason. After a while the Necromancer started using Azuri for experiments, and one went badly wrong. Azuri's soul was rent from his body, and the Necromancer, thinking him dead, buried his body. After 25 years of struggle and eternal pain in Limbo, Azuri finally managed to guide his soul back to his body. He dug himself out and found himself aboard a barge with many other coffins. Azuri spent the rest of the journey recovering his sanity, and when the ship landed he realized that Kumari had been destroyed by Python. Azuri's mind repressed all these memories and he no longer remembered anything between his departure from Sinta-Tal and his arrival to the new land.

The PresentEdit

Azuri now knows what he missed out on while in Limbo thanks to a false memory created by Archmage Vebril. He now thinks that he left Kumari with the rest of the survivors after spending the missing years there. Although 80 Azuri looks young, probably due to his time in Limbo freezing his body, or perhaps its the magical aura he is surrounded by. Now Azuri is studying the secret art at the rebuilt Sinta-Tal's College of Ioun, and is hoping to evermore increase his knowledge and ability.