Concept Art for Biblio


This lore is being done by Cuddles (initially)


Being a port town accepting and deporting many species, the town of Biblio could be considered a 'neutral ground' for all factions, races and religions. Tolerance isn't just a way of life here, it's the law. Any fights and/or public disturbances between any two groups will meet with punishments ranging from fines to imprisonment. This is because the Hope Library in the middle of the continent is dependent on accepting any and all literature coming their way, which includes literature from all walks of life.

While it is a mostly peaceful town (even if it sometimes stems from artificial acceptance), there is danger: more than once, assassins or thugs have traveled to Cheju, intent on burying information that a shady party does not want documented in Hope Library. For these criminals, the secretive Cell Squad deploys in the city and surrounding forest to stop these would be killers.



City Guard -- Cell Squad

Public Arena -- Thug's Respite

City Hall

Public Square


Post Office -- Snail Mail (owned by a Worm)

Bard Guild (Renovated Temple)

Taverns/Stables -- Cell Watch (near cell squad), Pilgrim's Sin (near apartments), Surreal Dreams (near market)

Bank -- Notes and Loans

Armory -- All Things Steel

Tannery -- The Sun Spot


Stonemasons -- Chiseled Abs

Weaponsmiths -- Handle End Forward

Apartments -- Turning Pages

Alchemist -- New Ideas

Herbs -- The Greenhouse

General -- Basic Needs

Tailor -- Stitch in Time

Jeweler -- Modest Exuberance

Eatery -- The All Consumption

Carpenter -- The Ground Up

Brewery -- Slur's Barley and Oats

Hosital -- Hope Hospital

Library -- Shining Beacon

Scribe -- Pilgrim's Rest


Being a town of trade, most resources are imported. However, the Worms and Cell Squad are more than adept at helping themselves and others live off the land.


Various thugs and assassins sent by those who wish to silence others.