Name: biliof stonebeard

Gender: male

Height: 5 feet

Weight: 400 lb

Fur: black with grey stripe

hair: white

Eyes: left completely black right purple with black pupil

Age: 300,000 (due to genetic enhancements from the proto humans)

Combat abilities: claws, tough fists and teeth

Magic: very powerful but can't use powers because of his amnesia

Alignment: neutral

Home: neutrality

Moralility: curious and careful (exept when he's had a few drinks)

Armour: a stone chest plate made by his father

Weapons: an arsenal of stone swords and a long bow

Race: cross breed (dwarf,wood elf,kobold and has an enderman eye)

story Edit

Biliof was the son of oliof mounthold (a dwarf) and cuesera swiftleaf (a wood elf)Biliof was bullied most of his child hood when he was 72 (18 in dwarf years) he got accepted into a group of explorers. One his first exploration mission he was took through a mysterious portal he was the first forigen creature to go to the maw. He was amazed by the place but when he wasn't paying attention a ghastly creature threw a fireball at him. He was badly hurt and couldn't move. When he had just given up on being saved a portal much like the one that brought him there opened in front of him after a minute some floating humans came out of the portal these men were proto humans. They took him in the portal and strapped him to a table he then passed out. When he awoke he got up in a field right outside of a town he reloads that he had a eyepatches on when he took off the patch he was engulfed in purple particles when the particles parted he found himself in a giant room at the end of the room there was a throne in the throne was a creature it looked like a muscular undead kobold with long fangs. This was mawink the god of the maw The creature told biliof that he could teach him an amazing magic the magic of necromancy biliof was very scared so he agreed over the next 299,000 years biliof was trained in necromancy he raised great beasts and was even able to become a lich and back again when the day came for biliof to do his first mission he was sent to destroy the world of terra when he first came to terra he found that there were creatures living there but after years of nothing but training he didn't care he used a spell maw ink taught him to raise the life out of everything and used this power to light the world aflame. But when doing this a brave dwarf trying to defend the land used some magic to make the fire engulf biliof three months later biliof washed upon the shore of andyer.

recent recordings Edit

When biliof washed upon the shore of andyer he had no reclamation of what happened to him over his whole Life all he knew where a few words. When he waded on shore he met two members of andyer they took to him nicely but he had left through some portals that were there. He was contacted by junta stone beard the dwarf that tried to save terra junta knew that biliof didn't remember anything he invited biliof to his town he then helped biliof reclaim his memories but locking him in a hole after a few minutes biliof passed out and reverted to his past memories he then threatened junta from this junta learnt alot after a while junta used a god spell (given to him from his dwarves god) that froze biliof in place so that he could talk to the old biliof without violence. Biliof was able to break this spell proving that he had emensive power. After a while Biliof took the last name of stonebeard. One day in Biliofs secret mine he found a shrine made of pure iron and diamonds and at the top was a portal biliof approached the portal and just as he was about a meter away a dart hit him in the arm he then fell asleep when he awoke he found that he now had huge teeth (that of a kobold) and when he looked behind him he saw that he had the bottom of a wolf (four legs and a tail) now biliof has made it his mission to find the proto humans and make them tell him why there doing this. after 7 years of searching biliof finally found a portal to the past when he passed through the portal closed he hasent been seen since.