This is the story of Chaos Fallenblade:

Chaos Fallenbalde has always been a headstrong and thoughtless person. He always went into situations without warning. Sometimes it could be a good a thing, but in this situation he could have put a little thought into his decision. Chaos Fallenblade was headed north towards the all and powerful ogre. He had so much confident in his fighting skills he totally forgot that the ogre was 50 times his size. With only 2 miles left in his journey he held his trusty iron sword with pride and approached his enemy. At the site of this dreadful beast Chaos charged, only to be smashed to the ground and forced to beg for his life. The ogre did not like his begs and ended his life at the moment. The next day Chaos Fallenblade woke up with no recognition of what had happened. All he saw by his side was an iron sword, but the iron sword was shattered to bits. There was no repair. He stood up to get a better look around and saw a mountainous region just beyong the plains. He headed that way, but all the way all he could hear was a voice that kept saying " Come Chaos Fallenblade, Come closer" He kept walking. Then he saw a man that stood 6 fett and had a frosty aura around him. Chaos didn't know what was going on. The voice kept getting louder. Then the man spoke " Hello Chaos Fallenblade I am Arthus, King of the Death Knights" Chaos replies " Where am I" then Arthus replies " You are in the Death land" but before Chaos could reply he felt a jolt of power flow through him then he fainted. When he finally came to he was greeted by a king that goes by the name of Urstin Olva. Urstin said " Hello and Welcome to Olvasound It is quite an honor to have a Death Knight in my presence"


Chaos Fallenblade wields a Diamond sword forged within the core of the earth this sword is imbued with the Lichbane Rune. Chaos's sword is so hot it will desinigrate anything and anybody within its path ( 3000 degrees F).
Death knight blade