Name: Kona Mimoso

Size: 5' 1"

Skin:Healthy White

Hair: Ocean Blue

Eyes: Emerald Green

Race: Fallen Angel

Age: 20

Artistic Style

Associated color: Blue, Prism/Rainbow

Associated mood: Laid-Back/Lazy/Optimistic


Combat Ability: Normal, mostly Close-Range

Magic Ability: None… Yet.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral Good

Home City: At first Wilderness; Now the slowly growing area of New Gensokyo

Primary Faction: Herself and her allies first, Fallen Angels and New Gensokyo second.

Primary Deity: Suzumiya Haruhi


Kona, 2 Years fresh out of High School, had a normal life as an otaku and anime store employee in Ryou, Japan until she was shot and killed after being pulled into an alley. She was quickly sent to heaven, where she lived in paradise until she fell out of heaven due to a clumsy angel. Landing in the mythical land of Gensokyo, she adapted to survive as a Fallen Angel, learning the basics of the swords and the fists. Found and brought up again to heaven, she then fell into Solinia due to the fact she brought a weapon with her into paradise. Finding an underwater tunnel and almost starving, she met with fellow Gensokyian and Fallen Angel, Rumia, and set off into the world, creating New Gensokyo as a safe haven for all Fallen Angels and Gensokyians out there.

It is later found that she banished herself to the Nether, wanting to come back when she was strong enough to protect Rumia.