Corin DarkpeltEdit

Name: Corin Darkpelt


Standing watch over the keep

Gender: Male

Height: 5'3

Weight: 170 pounds

Fur: Multiple shades of gray

Eyes: Golden

Race: Kobold-Vampire Hybrid (Mostly Kobold)

Age: 17

Combat Ability: Sharpshooter from the walls of the keep, along with minor skill with a sword.

Magic Ability: Uses boost spells to run faster, Sacrafices Cows at the mouth of Ashtor's temple, Owns a personal farm in home to make materials for Invisablity potions.

Alignment: Dark

Home City: Kastav Keep, Clan-Master of the Darkpelt clan.., Member of the Northern Kobold pack, Maintains control over "The Forest of the Gods"

Morality: Calm and peaceful until angered.

Armour: Any armor.

Weapons: Various, Any that are around to fight with.