The development team consists entirely of volunteers of all ranges of skill and covers many varied locations around the world.


HawkStorm - Producer & Founder

Lore Team

Thorn - Lore Writer

Cuddles - Lore Writer

AlphaMaelstrom - Lore Writer

Mixxit - Crossover Lore Writer

Game Design and World Builder Team

Mixxit - Design Team Leader

Viet - Game Designer

Qynst - Game Designer

HawkStorm - Crossover Designer

AlphaMaelstrom - Game Designer

Art Team

Kylethedarkn - Composer

Nitronz - Composer

Trent Volz - World Mapper

Kamil - Concept Artist (Contracted)

Development Team

Aaron - Web Developer

Mixxit - Crossover Developer

Previous Contributors

Rorke - Concept Artist (Contracted & Complete)