HawkStorm lives west of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. He has been playing video games since he was very young.

About three years ago he was introduced to the wonderful world of game making by a friend. His first game was called Athron and used the 2D MMO Engine called Eclipse. As time went on he worked on many different 2D Projects using a variety of engines, only to see them all fail out of a lack of dedication by the team leader. He eventually decided to start another of his own projects, in a hope to keep it from falling into the trap that his privous endevours had. After a few months he had put together a good team and his programmers were working on a custom 2D MMO Engine.

One day while looking through the forum he came across an ad by a person named Mixxit . The ad was for a game that Mixxit was working on. HawkStorm realized that they both had similar ideas and proceeded to contact him. After a few eamils back and forth and a long chat they had come to an agreement. Mixxit would merge with HakwStorm's team, they would keep the name "Solinia Online", they would use the Torque Game Engine, and they would keep the lore that Mixxit had wrriten already. In this way the current version of "Solinia Online" was born.

HawkStorm one day wants to start his own indie Game Studio.