In January 2010 after posting an advert for more team members for a project known as Parallax, Mixxit was contacted by HawkStorm, discussing the potential merger of the two teams due to similar ideas and goals. After much discussion it was eventually agreed upon and a compromise was made on several area of the project.

Since merging, Mixxit has taken on the role of design team leader and has ensured the project meets the strict requirements of both teams as agreed upon during merger.

Other details

Mixxit was born in 1982 and is a British citizen from the city of Leeds.

Previous Work

Mixxit originally began as an Ultima Online shard developer back in 1998 and the project continued while studying computing at leeds university to 2001. Over time he eventually moved onto running EQ and EQ2 Emulator servers where he has contributed tools, documentation and code to the projects as he became ever more interested in developing his own fantasy game.

Since his time at Leeds University he has been researching, planning and developing for the Torque Game Engine and MMO Kit and eventually founded 'Infinity's Edge' an online mmorpg which was eventually ended due to a change in career in 2003 but was to picked up again at a later date.

Late in 2009, after finally leaving his career in support, Mixxit resurrected his project with the name Parallax to develop content using an EQ2Emu server which would be eventually transfered to a Torque MMO Kit.

In January 2010 he posted an advert for designers to assist in the development process and was contacted by Solinia Online's HawkStorm and has been part of the project ever since.