Dovan and Novad Edit


Height:5 feet

Weight: 368 lb

Race: troll (mostly)

Faith in: winveral

Fighting style: bruteish rage

Main weapon: a steel blade forged from the armor of a knight and melted down by a dragon called Claire

Magic: none


Height: 4 feet

Race: troll (mostly)

Faith in: winveral

Fighting style: stealthy

main weapon: a large longbow (he doesnt use it very often)

Magic: skilled in the magic arts of the flame he's also a buffomancer (the magic of buffing)

Early life Edit

Before Dovan and Novad were born there was a great battle of the trolls and the orcs. Coming close to the end of the war George Woodclub was injured terribly and wasn't going to make it but then god winveral made a deal with George he would save his life and stop the war if George's first child would be the one to bring down the low elves. George had no idea what low elves were but he agreed. After the war George moved to the village vernis to become a tavern keeper. One day a half dragon named Claire Igneous came into the tavern George instantly fell in love with her five years later they were married. Finally the low elf slayer was almost born but the low elves came and tried to kill Claire but from inside Claire the child Started kicking and screaming and thats how he came out. When the low elf attempted to kill the child he broke it's hand. Scared of what else it could do the low elves fled. Upon closer examination George and Claire saw that the boy had a large lump on his back after a moment the lump moved around and started to cry it was a head thuse Dovan and Novad were born.

Child hoodEdit

When Dovan (previously the lump)and Novad were eight months old claire noticed that when ever dovan was crawling he bumped into things they took him and Novad to a metic she told them that dovan was blind. 5 years later Dovan and Novad attended school they were bullied for a while by a gang of high human kids until one day Novad punched out two of each kids teeth and dovan set them aflame no one botherd them again. when they were 10 the low elves came again this time with more elves and a tamed giant claire, Dovan and Novad hid indoors while George fought them off one of the archers hit him in the stomach and cut off a toe. George was in so much pain he passed out. When the giant was about to stomp on him Dovan and Novad came running out of the house Dovan used blind strength Novad jumped up and right into the giants mouth. they then punched out the other side killing the giant everyone was safe.

Low elves strike back!Edit

When Dovan and Novad finally moved out the were going out to become the only thing they could agree on.... a sales man. one day when they were trying to trade a pouch of spider eyes for a iron long sowrd and a large long bow when the low elves came back again this time with a tree elemental 100 warriors 50 mages and 30 necromancers. they were able knock out Dovan and Novad but Dovan and Novad took out 107 of them. When Novad woke up Dovan was still out cold when Novad tryed to get up he realized he was straped to a stone table ? then a low elf came out with a golden spear the elf started pushing the table into an arena he was then cut loose and but the elf ran off before Novad could kill him. Just then a giant gate came up inside of the gate was a hydra. just then Dovan woke up. No one really knows what happend some say they fought the hydra but got killed and are know ghosts others say they beat the tar out of the hydra and the low elves one things for sure there not sales men any more now there adventures


-fond of rum