Eon Windfeather - Archer of BlightmoonEdit

  • 1 Desciption
  • 2 History
  • 3 Friends and Enemies

Section One (1) DescriptionEdit

Age- 14

Gender- Male


Main Occupation- Archer serving the vampire king

Side JobsEdit

  • Armourer
  • Weaponsmith
  • Soldier

Defining Trait(s)

  • Unlike most of the vampires, has green crystals, instead of blue

Section Two (2) HistoryEdit

Eon Windfeather came from an world long before the race of humans exsisted, He was created by dark elves during the time the world had discovered magic, A pumpkin and one of the dark elves greatest assassins fused together to be used as a weapon by the dark council. During a great war that split the giant landmass into seperate landmasses Eon was captured by the elves who walked the path of light, During a siege to try and reclaim the assassin Eon was killed for a second time. To bring back a man twice dead they had to make him a vampire, his crystal was green and gave him a enhanced power of the elven skill of archery. He walked the earth waiting until a new government was set up, after his time serving under a regiment, he join Blightmoon under command of the king. This is where the present begins.

Section Three (3) Friends and EnemiesEdit


  • King Chantz of Blightmoon, His only friend, Highly Trusted


  • None