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A statue of The Blind One

Essential StatisticsEdit

Race: Fallen Angel

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: I have no eyes, hence the name"The Blind One"

Title: The Blind One

Occupation: Soldier/Miner/Weaponsmith

Home City: Esoron

Current City: The Shire

Falkerneer was the patron angel of blacksmithing, one day her apprentice showed her the weapon each angel of blacksmithing must make through their rite of passage and she noticed it was clearly better than all weapons she had made. She grew jealous and crafted a weapon to make an angel mortal in her madness. She used it on her apprentice and was then sentenced to a fate worse than death or being turned mortal, she was given the black wings, the symbol of all fallen angels.

Birth and FamilyEdit

Was never born, she considers all of her race and friends family.


In her youth she loved to craft bows and arrows out of sticks, and when she saw the opportunity to take up blacksmithing, she seized it and never looked back.