About Edit

AI represent the script controlled non-player-characters (NPC) of the world of solinia online including vendors, title providers, bankers, quest characters and monsters. AI follow strict guidelines on what they are able to do in the game and follow designated chat scripts, movement paths, drop programmed loot as well as engage in combat.

Spawn Groups Edit

Spawn groups are groups of npcs designated in script that are tried directly to pathing markers placed in game by developers. Many npcs can spawn from one spawn group but only one on the list will appear at a time. They will follow a pathing system from point a to point x until killed or the world is shut down.

Some spawn groups will contain only one npc and have only one position, for example static vendors.

NPC Dialogue Edit

It is possible to engage in NPC chat if they have been programmed to do so. NPC Dialogue windows may provide trading, quest text or simple player-to-npc chat that may open up areas of lore or useful information to the player. NPC Dialogue can be initated by double clicking the NPC or triggering the chat through event scripts like being in range of the npc or performing some action that the NPC is looking for.

Loot Edit

NPCs can be assigned loot which they will drop a random portion on after death. The person responsible for the death is assigned loot rights (or the group).

Faction Edit

NPCs may be assigned a number of factions. When a player interacts with this NPC their standing with the player will effect the interaction. For example if a player has a high standing with the faction the NPC is on, the NPC will offer cheaper prices, may offer more chat dialogues or quests. If the player has a very low standing with the faction the player is on, the NPC may refuse to talk or even attack him. Several factions can be assigned to an NPC at once which will create an Overall Standing with the player.

Special Roles Edit

NPCs may be assigned special roles which will effect their 'double click' event. Where a double click would normally engage in either chat or combat, it will instead activate the alternative role.

Special Role: Merchant Edit

May provide a merchant list of items to the player with prices defined by a base price and modified by the faction level of the merchant to the player.

Special Role: Banker Edit

May offer the player bank slots to store his items and coin.

Animations and Voice Edit

NPCs may engage in idle animations which will occur based on triggered events. Most commonly used during chat dialogue the npc may express itself as defined in python script including the ability to speak outloud with pre-recorded sound files.