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Alatyr border map


Alatyr is home to the mechanical races, the Rauklete, the Zahnfe and the Taktevolken.


Alatyr is mostly rural, with rolling forests and hills. It's divided into three regions: Uhrwek, home of the Rauklete, Tosteladt, home of the Zahnfe and Krastoffen, home of the Taktevolken. Krastoffen is a scar on the landscape. Where the other regions are forested and verdant, Krastoffen is a land of soot-stained skies, fields of ash, and rampant strip mining.


Alatyr possesses no unusual resources. Base metals and wood are common.

Local Wildlife

Native wildlife is similar to that of central Europe (France and Germany).

Transport Links

The easiest way to get to Alatyr is to take a boat from Jingara.


Alatyr was once the lands of a mostly forgotten branch of Humanity that was actually not part of the Empire. Content to work on their machines, they turned down the offer of inclusion into the Empire, not realizing that it wasn't so much an offer as an order. It's believed that the Empire crushed the human civilizations here, and that by the time the mechanical races had started establishing any large settlements the Empire was already collapsing.