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This town was constructed by the Vishim.


Situated on the eastern edges of the famous Silverwyn lake on Nasudana.


Mostly timber, rare flowers and herbs.

Local Wildlife

Several fish which are considered holy to the Vishim.

Transport Links

A small port has been consturcted to the south used to transport goods to Ravenholme and occasionally Tsiyon.

Locations of Interest

The lake is often visited by scryers to ponder future events.




When the Vishim first began sea faring and had experience much success with the construction of Westhaven on Avalon they began to venture further north. Nasudana, having forests of unrivalled beauty were seen as a favourable location to establish a settlement. Also the island seemed to contain many ancient structures and ruins which some Vishim scholars wished to study. Over time they constructed Aldwynne and many scholars now spend their time here as well as herbalists and perfume manufacturers who make use the rare flowers here.