Its size is immense, only managing to be sealed in the center of Solinia. At the present, its crippled body greatly resembles a brain with a giant mouth that could swallow a small island. Before the cataclysm, near the beginning of time, there was the All Consumer. This being had no interest except to eat. While the gods were looking over creation, the All Consumer would often demand to 'sample' their creations, and eat away even when denied permission. Furious, the gods eventually buried the All Consumer into the center of Solinia. Angry, the All Consumer divided pieces of itself into animals called worms, which rose to the surface and began to devour the land. After everything was nearly undone, the gods came down and struck it, crippling it from making enough worms to consume anything living. Taking pity, they permitted the creature to eat any dead thing that the elements could not reclaim. What came from ice, fire, water or earth returned to them. Whatever separted itself from the elements, however, was fair game when it died. But only if it could reach it. There eventually came a cult that worshipped the All Consumer and in contribution buried their dead in coffins to allow the All Consumer to eat the corpses before it decomposed. It would not be until after the slave rebellion that the All Consumer would take an interest in the human brain, which would lead to its offspring, the Worms.

One thing that no one, not even the All Consumer, is aware of is the danger of its dreams. Element 6, a lost Element Expeditionary Force, found this out the hard way, as when the All Consumer last slept, its dreams proved to be so potent in certain areas that it bleeded over into reality. For the regular, normal citizens of Solinia, these dreams were nightmares, as they were transformed into hideous creatures from the All Consumer's memory. After a certain amount of time, the change is permanent, leaving the victims a part of the All Consumer's psyche. When it wakes up, the transformed become a part of it's subconcious. When the All Consumer resumes sleeping, the victims reemerge, literally becoming 'nightmares made real.'

Inspirational References