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This lore is being written by Mixxit


This small chain of islands is home to many undead and the residents of the Game:Prison_of_Arkzul


A strange mixture of desert, forests and some rolling plains cover this island


Because very little exploration of the island has taken place, except during its found, little is known about the resources on this small chain of islands.

Local Wildlife

Wolves, sheep and cows are known to inhabit the greener areas, and spiders deep underground

Transport Links

Only by boat may one travel to this location

Locations of Interest

This chain of islands is home to the Prison of Arkzul


Undead, spiders, volatile creatures


This island is far from the Eastern Hemisphere and is used mainly as a prison to hold the most dangerous villains and undesirables that have plagued the east in the past. It was located by the Element explorations many years ago and due to the many dangerous creatures, a prison was built in the center to keep criminals in.

Due to its vast distance from the main continents, not many people have explored this area or had a chance to map it. Only rumours circle taverns about a certain mad inmate breaking free of the prison.