Name: Bararian

Size: 6-8 feet

Skin: White, rugged

Hair: Browns, Blacks, Gray

Eyes: Browns, Greens

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Brown

Associated mood: Neutral


Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: Poor

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City:

Primary Faction: The Barbarians

Primary Deity:


Centuries ago when the Vishim held their seat of power in Caer'Bedion on Asgarad , they had spoken of a barbaric race that shared traits similar to the Ancient Humans . They lived in the village of Faen Dan on the northern cliffs of Winters Deep for as long as any of the Vishim can remember and were a peaceful people who had simple lives and were furious fighters. They held equillibrium with the wildlife around them, tamed wolves and fed off the gargantuan mammoths that stomped the great plains.

At some point, this race must have made their way over the western hemisphere as several tribes have been spotted among the many island chains. They are led by Cheiftans and are weary of outsiders but do not engage in open warefare unless provoked. Despite their simple lives this race should not be trifled with.

Inspirational Reference

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