Before the Philosopher's RiftEdit

Bleed is a member of the Regulators, working undercover in the Cell Squad. He is a leader, and has made it his duty to make sure that no info on the Regulators makes it to the Hope Library. However, he messes up, and has to take care of the All Consumer. He has Slur, an operative, dump his brewery into the All Consumer, inebriating it. (The player will not know of Slur's involvement; he passes it off as an attack on him). Meanwhile, Bleed takes care of Captain Bynde and his team by luring him to one of his labs, where he was studying the Great Worms, hoping to gain their power. It works, and Bleed sets up a tentacle that has a bulb on the end. A light travels up the tentacle and detonates the bulb, creating an explosion and poison gas. This ignites his lab, destroying evidence and enemies.

Philosopher's Rift (Boss Battle)Edit

Bleed uses a unit of the Brassheart Collective (converted into bombs) to try and kill the All Consumer. Bleed becomes a mass of worms and carries the cage and detonation device down the Rift. However, the reincarnated Time Mage uses Loop Magic, which causes Bleed to pass the same point over and over. Bleed recognizes the magic. The players jump in and confront Bleed in a freefall battle, falling through the loop.

Bleed uses tentacles to anchor himself to the wall and manuever himself, using the cage as a weapon. He can also attack with tentacles, and even trap players in his new body, using them as shields (they can be attacked or free themselves).

It should be noted that Bleed cannot be killed. The point of the boss fight is to free the Brassheart Collective and disarm them. Bleed can be stunned, however, and when he is, the players can try and pry the cage open. (They will need a way to manuever in freefall). After a few tries, the cage door opens, and now Bleed has to try and hold it closed. When stunned, a Brassheart can be disarmed, and then the Time Mage will take them out of the Loop and onto the surface. After a few are rescued, Bleed crumples the cage closed, and attacks more aggresively. After he is stunned again, a new face joins the battle: Bynde. He is burned and injured, but is still in fighting condition. He was let in to deal with Bleed. Bynde wraps his tentacles into the cage and breaks it open, releasing the rest of the Brassheart Collective. Angry, Bleed transforms into multiple, Gigantic Worms, each taking a hostage and burrowing into the wall. Bleed sprouts the 'poison tentacles.' Bynde warns not to attack it until the light reaches the bulb, or else poison gas will come out. Once it does, the bulb is cut off, and Bynde takes it into himself, suppressing the explosion. Bynde claims this allows him to make antidote for the poison. After a couple of tentacles are destroyed, a new one emerges--with a member of the Collective on the part that 'detonates.' The player has no choice but to release the poison, lest the hostage explode. Bynde says he brought plenty of antidote for everyone, so the tentacle is destroyed and the hostage disarmed. Just when Bynde is about to bring out the antidote, one of Bleed's Giant Worms sprouts out of the wall, and yanks the satchel from Bynde. Bynde has to burrow after him. The player spends the next part of the game disarming more hostages, while enduring more poison tentacles (they can use potions to keep their vitality up). Every once in a while, Bynde and a Giant Worm will sprout from the wall, exchanging dialogue while trying to get his satchel back. They both go back in. After a set number of hostages are rescued, Bynde gets his satchel back and cures everybody.

Bynde says that Bleed needs a certain amount of bombs to kill the All Consumer, and is now hiding them in the walls. There is one hostage for each Giant Worm Bleed has become. Bleed changes his tactics to hiding in the wall, so Bynde suggests trying to pull him out. The players have to look for movement in the dirt wall, then attack it. After enough damage is given, Bynde puts in an arm and pulls out a Giant Worm. The player has to help him wrestle it out, then stun it to free its hostage. After a certain amount are rescued, Bleed screams and reforms into his first form. He no longer has enough bombs to kill the All Consumer, and instead focuses on killing everybody in the Rift. He fuses the remaining Collective to himself, then sets off the detonator, staring a 3 minute countdown. The player might have the choice to leave these hostages behind or not, but that can be discussed later.

Bleed is on a rampage, anchoring himself to the walls, using his Giant Worms as weapons, and using his hostages as shields against magic, lest the countdown be hastened. The players must stun him, then wrestle with him long enough to let Bynde pull out a hostage. After they are all rescued, the Loop ends, and all the players are transported out. Bleed attempts to escape, but Bynde grabs him and vomits poison on him. This poison was made from Bleed's research, meant to kill worms. Bynde burrows into the wall and escapes. Bleed starts crumbling back into this original body. Before even that body crumbles, Bleed shoots up a flare, with the Wei symbol for time. His last words are, "This will be undone."

The flare ignites over Cheju, and Slur (and perhaps another Regulator leader) knows that the Time Mage reincarnated on Cheju island.

Possible Side BattleEdit

To keep players from overpowering Bleed and to encourage group battles, Bleed might telepathically summon Giant Worm Monsters from inside the Loop to capture the Time Mage on the outside. In order to maintain the Loop and keep the players from falling to their death, some have to stay behind and defend the Time Mage. These worms, like Bleed, can only be stunned, and will only die when Bleed dies. When stunned, the Giant Worm Monsters may split up into smaller creatures and attempt to posses the unconscious Great Worms in the nearby library. If the players cannot stop the smaller creatures, the Great Worms will fight the players, and the amount of time the Giant Worm Monsters are stunned will be shorter. The Great Worms, thankfully, can also only be stunned.