Boxious is a highly poisonous swamp found on Nilakantha.

Very little is know about Boxious because of it's hard to study area, but it is possible to pass through the location with lessened poison effects by wearing a form of special equipment. When humans attempted to inhabit the area in their expansion, they enslaved the local population of Endols to 'help' drain the swamp. Being a naturally dangerous job, the Endols had a plan to escape their captors via their job. The plan to drain the swamp involved digging under the swamp and making holes to let the water seep in. The Endols, however, when left alone to begin the draining process (no human stayed behind for the dangerous task), the Endols sealed the tunnels and made their present day home of Wertrat underneath the swamp. Boxious now has two sides: the toxic wasteland on the top and a city underneath, accessible via the construction tunnels.