This lore is owned by Cuddles This island is where the history of the humans will be explored. It will also be the site where history decides whether humans will be forgiven or driven out of Solinia forever.


Two races reside here: the now docile human scholars and their partners the Worms. Using the natural link between them established by the Worms, they work together to gather knowledge into this one location, then to share it with Solinia when the time is needed for it. Every human who is born is required to make a pilgrimage to this location, both to learn, contribute and share knowledge in repentance for their ancestor's crimes, hoping to redeem themselves. Some humans stay together with the Worms to help catalog the data, as well as help maintain the Hope Library, as Worms cannot grasp human tools. There are many holes in the ground that were Worm homes now converted to house humans. Smaller ones are used for those on pilgrimage, while larger ones are reserved for those with tenure.


Situated to the south of the Savage Sea, cutting it off from Icaria but being close enough to access Thule.

In the center is a smooth plateua which contains the Hope Library. It is surrounded by a forest of grand pine trees, which survive all the seasons of Solinia. The forest contains a pond for fishing and water. Due to the generally low population of humans, overfishing is almost never an issue. The Worms will let the humans know when they need to lay off, though.


With a serene forest nearby and a large, polished rock area where the Hope Library stands, the area has very little in the need of want. The forest contains a lake for fishing and clean water. With the Worms' natural sync with nature, they guide the humans to which tree and how much timber to use to maintain the library and make books. The worms themselves chip away the rock to create holes, where the humans refine them into tools to improve the living quarters. A simple, but peaceful, self-sustaining ecosystem.

Local Wildlife

A serene setting, only small woodland creatures are found. The most common are deer, rabbits, squirrels and various small birds. Humans have a hard time catching the last three, and hunting deer is too gruesome for the Worms. They have no objection to fishing in the local pond, however, as fish are one of the few things to actually scare the Worms.

Transport Links

Close to the Savage sea but still able to reach Thule (but not Icaria).

Locations of Interest

The Hope Library. The intellectual center of the whole of Solinia. Any library that's a library elsewhere will double check documents and dates here, and can only hope to contribute to it. Containing everything from arts to maths, a record of peace keeping negotiations to military tactics, from A-Z, there is almost nothing that the library doesn't contain. If one were to collect the data into the library and somehow contain it into one being, that being would be said to have lived the entirety of the post-cataclysmic age.

There is also the city of Biblio, where neutrality isn't just a lifestyle, it's law.


With non-hostile life nearby, there is little threat to the area itself. However, more than once the area had been invaded, and it was up to the Worms to defend the area.


First established by the humans before the slave rebellion, the Hope Library was a source of pride among the species, portrayed as a beacon of science and arts. However, when the rebellion started, the humans turned away from the library and instead funded the military in order to quash the rebellion. This left only the scholars to look over the area. The last time any human outside of academic influences visited was to look up diagrams of weapons and history of military strategies. This alone was enough to keep the war going for an estimated year, with thousands of more casualties. A year after the rebellion, a former slave found a connection between the military and the library, he led a small band with the intent of burning it down. Taking up hammers, chairs and needles, the scholars were more than prepared to die to protect the library. However, before the attack could commence, a wall of worms rose up between the two factions, and from that wall the world's first Worm emerged. Declaring the place sacred, the Worm guided the wall to soften the soil and sink the attackers up to the neck. After that demonstration of power, the faction was allowed to dig itself out and retreat. The Worms and scholars were then allowed to live in peace. The remaining humans ventured to the library, thinking it sanctuary. It is there that the scholars taught the human race the concept of peace, compromise and cooperation all over again. That ideology evolved into what can be called something akin to a religion. Humans who follow this 'religion', known as The Remembrance, are compelled to go on a pilgrimage either to or away from the library (depending on their location) to either contribute knowledge or share knowledge, respectively. When a human, or anyone, comes bearing knowledge, the contribution is so sacred that the Worms and scholars both participate in making a new book to contain the knowledge. While most of the library is accessible, there is a special area where Worms continually stand guard. This area is solely reserved for book making and review. This process can take anything from a few weeks to two years, depending on the content.

There is a fiction section, mostly filled by old writings by both famous and obscure authors. However, modern fiction may be submitted, if it is relevant to culture at the present day. Otherwise, fiction is put in storage for scholars to enjoy at the date they choose.