Chunel female

A Female Chunel


This lore is maintained by Thorn and being sketched by Kamil Jadczak.
Chunel male

Male Chunel Concept


Size: Short, averaging around five feet tall.

Skin: Sometimes a light tan, otherwise human looking skin.

Hair: Various shades of green and other colors associated with undergrowth.

Eyes: Same range of tones as their hair.

Legs: Two.

Arms: Two.

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Greens and yellows are predominant.

Associated mood: Happy or focused.


Combat Ability: Good melee, poor at anything beyond about twenty feet.

Magic Ability: Virtually nonexistant.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Varies

Home City: None, eventually Zanaxha

Primary Faction: None.


Skin chunel

Current Racial Skin

The Chunel were created by Elder Human Xlaxotl in the depths of Mt. Yutacan on the continent of Nuchalnuth, actually a densely overgrown ziggurat of astonishing size. Designed to be jungle predators, their coloration aids them in blending in to forest and jungle terrain. They're a blend of old Human DNA and a cocktail of DNA from jungle animals. They often sport tails that, while not prehensile, nonetheless aid in balance.

The ones who seek spirituality often dedicate themselves not to a god, but to what they call a 'Wild Spirit'. These spirits are the embodiment of a jungle animal, symbolizing all their strength and cunning. Followers of the Jaguar, for example, attempt to emulate the spirit through skilled ambushes and often take to wearing jaguar hides. Monkey followers, on the other hand, hone their climbing skills and can swing through the trees as anyone else would run across a field.

Wearing clothing made from the hide of the animal that they venerate is a sign of both respect and self-improvement, as they display to the spirit that they are more capable than those born into the shape that they are trying to emulate. Only a skilled hunter can ambush a jaguar, and only one who can move through the trees with fluid grace can catch the monkeys.

A few deviate from this however, and venerate Elder Human Xlaxotl as a sort of god in and of himself. Such followers are usually ostrasized from followers of the Wild Spirits.

They can be unlocked as a playable race by finding the entrance to Mt. Yutacan, exploring and surviving your way to the depths, and defeating Elder Human Xlaxotl.