City Building is a mechanism for several players to work together to build their own towns and forts around the empty areas of Solinia.

Starting a City

To create a city a surveyor must purchase a Structure Flag from a tradeskiller which will allow them to choose a developer specified location for a player city.

When the surveyor locates a spot where a city may be built they will plant the flag and 'chat' with it to assign an owner. (By playername)

Once a structure flag has been assigned the new owner will have 24 hours to interact with the flag and begin construction of their Town Centre.

Town Centres

Town Centres are interactable central command structures for a player city. From it players may hire villagers, control city access and deposit blueprints for crafters to begin structure construction. Essentially the town centre acts as a management location for the players that run the cities. The town centre acts as a central point for how far structures can be built from the city. Upgrading the town centre allows you to increase the distance, but for a significant cost.

Resource Structures

Once a town centre has been constructed the owner may deposit resource blueprints which will allow them to begin gathering resources that may be used in their town for other projects. Resource structures are essential for feeding npc villagers and also gathering the necessary hard resources used for building houses and utility structures.