Default MouseEdit

OSX Note: Command click simulates a right click Left + Right Click - Move ForwardLeft Click on npc, monster, or player avatar - SelectShift + Left Click on npc, monster, or player avatar - InspectLeft Click on quick slot or macro slot - ActivateShift + Left Click on macro slot - Stop running MacroLeft Click on target health bar with player targeted - Cycle TargetsLeft Click >on character name in Alliance window - Target CharacterLeft Click on character portrait - Set Active CharacterLeft Click on spell button in spell book - Cast the SpellLeft Click on skill button - Activate the Skill Right Click and hold on world view - Enable Mouse LookRight Click on inventory item - Toggle Item InformationRight Click on spellbook icon - Toggle Spell InformationRight Click on character portrait - Target Character Double Click on npc - InteractDouble Click on enemy - AttackDouble Click on inventory item - Equip (if possible)SHIFT + Double Click on inventory item - Quick SellDouble Click on Destroy Corpse - Quick DestroyDouble Click on player with item in cursor - TradeDouble Click on pet with item in cursor (twice) - Equip PetDouble Click on character portrait - Open Stat PaneDouble Click on vendor item - Quick BuyDouble Click on dialog choice - Select ChoiceDouble Click on corpse - Loot CorpseDouble Click on loot item - Quick LootDouble Click on nonharmful effect icon - Cancel EffectDouble Click on skill or spell and drop in macro slot - Create Macro Item Linking: For many areas of the UI, such as inventory window, spell book, skill listing, and effects window: Shift + Left Click - Opens encyclopedia to appropriate page.Shift + Right Click - Places link in chat. ==Default Keyboard== ESCAPE - Options W - Run ForwardS - Run BackwardsA - Sidestep LeftD - Sidestep Right Q - Turn LeftE - Turn RightSPACE - Jump V - Toggle Auto-Run / - Toggle Tome Command InputENTER - Toggle Tome Chat Input X - Toggle Mouse Look (right mouse button also toggles Mouse Look)Z - Squint BACKSPACE - Clear Active Character's TargetG - Evaluate TargetTAB - Cycle Enemies ForwardSHIFT + TAB - Cycle Enemies Backward~ - Target Nearest Enemy J - Toggle JournalH - Toggle HelpI - Toggle InventoryK - Toggle SkillsC - Toggle StatsB - Toggle SpellsT - Toggle TrackingF - Toggle Buff WindowP - Toggle Party Mini WindowY - Toggle Alliance WindowL - Toggle Leader WindowM - Toggle Map Window(Note that Map can be resized)N - Toggle Macro Window R - Reply to last private messageCTRL + TAB - Cycle to an older person who sent you a private messages.CTRL + ALT + TAB - Cycle to an earlier person who sent you a private messages. F1 - F6 - Set Active Party MemberSHIFT + (F1 - F6) - Target Party Member