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This lore is maintained by Thorn.

Style Edit

The crawling fortress is an excellent example of the Dieselpunk aesthetic.

Layout Edit

The fortress is shaped like a lopsided dome, the high end being the front. It pulls itself inexorably forward with an array of claws, and it mulches into fuel anything that crosses it's path with a long line of constantly whirring blades.

Transport Links Edit

There are several ways into the Crawling Fortress. There are a number of side ports, used for foot soldiers, and there are two larger bays on the back through which vehicles can exit.

Locations Edit

Infantry Prep Bay Edit

Accessed through the side ports, this is where the foot soldiers prepare for battle. Somewhat crowded, some of the walls are lined with lockers containing the equipment of a Taktevolken soldier.

The largest area in the region is the ready room, a large, two level affair where the foot units are briefed for battle. It's here that Lieutenant Kriegherz awaits, planning out a number of upcoming battles.

Vehicle Bay Edit

This is where the lumbering vehicles are kept. The engineers prove a threat, and should they be dispatched they draw the attention of Driver Raddamon, who is quick to enter into his modified tank. The only way to fight him is for the one he's focusing on to avoid being shot or run over, while the others crack open the hull of one of the locked down war vehicles and start firing it's weapons at the tank.

Command Center Edit

Accessed through either of the lower level areas, the command center is situated atop the fortress. The officers of the Taktevolken can be found here, ready to fend off the force that has carved their way up from the lower levels. They are led by General Rauchseele. Should the players manage to reach him, they find him in full command of the situation. He abruptly escapes to the roof of the vehicle, knowing full well the players will follow. They must fight a running battle with him across the sloped hull, as he shouts commands for the fortress to grind over hills and other obstacles, causing it to pitch violently. Any player not reacting fast enough (sitting, crouching or laying down) would tumble some distance down the fortress. To fall off would mean death, and whoever has the higher ground has a definite advantage (Bonus accuracy or damage, for example).