Name: Race Name

Size: 5 feet

Skin: Blue

Hair: White and Silver

Eyes: Blue

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Black and Blue

Associated mood: Neutral/Furious


Combat Ability: Good

Magic Ability: Good

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Evil

Home City: The Nest

Primary Faction: Dark Elves

Primary Deity: Deuzulus


The Dark Elf race is somewhat surrounded in mystery, but those that have delved into ancient Mysmaal lore have uncovered the truth of the origins of this race. It is not clear exactly how or when but it is certain the Mysmaal captured and tortured several Vishim during a midnight raid on the city of Alaris.

What followed was almost a decade of deformation and twisting of the Vishim prisoners in the persuit of creating an obedient mysmaalian slave - several of the Vishim died in the process but two were strong enough to survive and were bred, over many generations as servants, guardians and for even darker duties.

However, due to the kidnappings a Meroei by the name of Elarok Lightbringer (a daughter of one of the victims) finally uncovered the Mysmaal nest and slayed it's overfiend, Count Sythik D'Mirax who was promptly beheaded and quartered. Following the death of Sythik, the Vishim abominations finally became free and self aware and they butchered all remaining Mysmaal and even their rescuers.

The Mysmaal nest has since become a bastion of darkness and power of this newly born race who, despite their Vishim and Mysmaalian origins feel they have become elevated far above both. They fear nothing and are brutally dangerous in combat and exceptionally skilled with dark and light magic and solely worship the diety of hate and betrayal, Deuzulus.

Inspirational Reference

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