Death occurs when characters fall below the minimal level of health (0 hit points). During this time the player will disconnect from his corpse and transform into a ghost in a special zone and lose all items associated with him. A death will also mean a experience loss of 5% which can be recovered by Resurrection.

The Maw

Fore more information see The Maw.


After a player has died his tombstone will remain in the location of his death containing all his items. The player must recover the tombstone to be able to receive his items, but not his lost experience.

Sometimes tombstones are located in areas that are extremely difficult to return to, particularly naked. It is necessary for the player to try his utmost to avoid death or suffer the consequences. However, all is not lost. If a player is absolutely unable to recover his corpse himself, a necromancer may Summon Corpse using a very expensive sub component if he is in the same zone as the player and the tombstone.


When a player dies, they will lose 5% of their experience. This can be recovered by a priest who can resurrect a tombstone. Resurrecting will also return the player from his current location to the tombstone being currently ressurected.

A player does not have to recover his experience if he cannot get a resurrection. But items will probably be something they will want to recover as a matter of urgency.


When a player leaves the world they will enter the labyrinth of the underworld. For the player to exit it will become necessary for the player to perform one of the two following tasks:

  • Have a priest resurrect his tombstone
  • Exit the underworld via one of the portals nearest to his tombstone (if they decide)

On locating a portal to a specific graveyard in the main world the player will have the choice to return as a normal naked character or to return as a ghost.

Ghosts are unable to be seen or speak to normal players, in a similar vain to Ultima Online. Instead text will be replaced by 'OoOoOoOoOoooo' unless a necromancer or priest of sufficient skill can Speak to the Dead and See Undead.

If players wishes to return to their body as a ghost, when in the normal world, they will need to either have their tombstone Resurrected or Possess a non-important npc (non-quest/vendor/guard npcs).

Retrieving lost items

When the player gets back to his tombstone, using one of the above methods, he may double left click his tombstone to loot his items. No others can loot his items or move his tombstone.