Deities are God's that are believed to hold power over Solinia

Elder Gods

Banarui – The God of The Spirit

Manandu – The Goddess of Water

Ingorir – The God of Fire

Gias – The Goddess of Earth

Zephyr - The Godess of Wind (also known as the dead god)

Younger Gods

Lunarine - the Goddess of Strategy and Conquest

Tisroeh – The God of Trade and Craftsmanship

Rarahat – The God of Destruction and Death

Lumyle – The Goddess of Wine and Festivals

Deuzulus - The God of jealousy and hate

Ecarriln – The God of Thieves and Darkness

Ashtor – The God of Hunting and War

Ashoka - The God of Suffering

Valhas – The Goddess of Love and Happiness

Boralis – The God of Knowledge and Wisdom

Irduolo – The Goddess of Friendship and Trust

Golkara – The Goddess of Life and Abundance

Alazgoth – The God of the Dead and Underworld

Mythological Gods

Mythological Gods are ancient gods that are believed to not really exist and are from stories and tales only.

Methabeht - A god of healing and birth.

Salus - God of Health and Salvation - Eusebian God

Harashi - Goddess of Tranquility - Hoakan God

Zurvan - God of Destiny

Amonsul - God of Defense and Protection - Garuda God

Syfyr - God of Fire and Earth