Dessai (also known as Trial Island) is a remote island in the vast oceans of Solinia.

This island was the site of a battle between humans and slaves during the rebellions. The reckless use of magic here disrupted the natural ecological cycles, locking them into unique little biospheres. Hence why a desert could share a border with a glacier.

Mechanic: Player Start Location

Unlike other RPG's where a player has to choose a class based solely on description, Dessai will be a 'window shopping' island while the player starts out in a bodiless 'spirit' form. This allows them to test new bodies for each race in each environment until they find one they are comfortable with. Once they leave, however, they will be locked into their chosen form.


Being the place where the recycled souls who have forgotten their previous form gather, there is no real settlement here. Even if the living want to live there, the weather patterns caused by the multiple environments make farming and traveling near impossible. This is the main reason why after choosing a form, every newly reborn Solinian always hightails it out of there.

The only two known inhabitants are artificial golems of various races, animals and monsters created to get the new soul reaquainted with the mortal realm.

The other are the recent explorers that found their way to the island.


There is one of each type of environment found around the island. This because during the final battle, individual wizards divided the island among themselves to reform into their natural environment. This would not only give them an edge, but would also trap humans fitted for cold weather in a desert, humans fitted for hot weather in the snow, and so on and so forth.


No useful resources to be found. Any golems taken off the island shut down, and any natural resources produced by the environments are so miniscule as to be deemed unworthy of gathering.

Local Wildlife

While sporting no natural wildlife, there is at least one golem for each creature represented in it respective ecosystem.

Transport links

Various boats and portals leading to various locations. Without these, travel outside the island is impossible.

Locations of Interest

Temple of Anamacha

The Dunes of Arithia

Leto Village

Kerrik's Stand

Winter's Edge

Ruins of Ia


Only golems of hostile animals pose any threat. And those are very weak at the most. Damage can be shrugged off.


All around the world, the slaves of Solinia were revolting against their captors. The humans responded savagely, sending the Tailless to burn entire towns as they chased the retreating armies. The fight ultimately culminated in Dessai, where the world's most powerful wizards were imprisoned. The wizards, who had secretly learned how to create portals, simulaneously created many all across the world with the intent of drawing the massive humans armies in. Changing the environments to match their own, as well as summoning golems to assist them, the human factions were decimated. With their brunt of military might trapped and defeated, the humans ultimately lost the war. As a consequence, however, the wizards died when forced to deal with the overlapping ecosystems. Their was one, unintentional advantage that the wizards left behind: souls that were to weak and reused to become Spex are naturally attracted to the island's magic, allowing them to find new bodies and be reborn.

Recently, explorers, known as Element 7 have found their way to the island and have setup a small settlement named Leto Village which they use as their base of operations to explore the island.