This lore has been done by windhawk101 mayor and protector of Doue


Doue is a prsopering citywhich began when a humble a humble eldon by the name of windhawk was forced to leave his tribe when his father was brutally murdered for stealing, he ran into a swamp where as night fell he made his base. when dawn came he emerged from his hole and realised the swamp was full of animals and plants, he shed the ways of his tribe and began to build his house, over many days and nights his land grew and it was not long till he first came upon others. They greeted him and in return he let them stay the night in his home. They decided to stay and built their own houses, after a few weeks the travellers decide to mine and soon discovered they were sitting on one of the largest iron deposits in the area. more and more people then spread to the foundling village with tales of plenty and prosperity. Windhawk had many children but passed his mayorhood onto his oldest son windhawk 2nd, from then each elder son was given the title of mayor when they became an adult, the latest mayor is windhawk101 who has been phrophecised to be the new leader needed to put Doue back on the map

Much of the village is now automated, thanks to the engineer known as wetwet who was among the first visiters. Many of the sentries posted to guard the village have 'assistants' that sound an alarm of bells and screeches when activated, allowing the guard to mobilize to their area without having to have a guardsmen having to run from sentry to sentry telling them where to go. It is known as an area of safety and has grown to a large city with nearby villages who have sworn their allegiances to windhawk101.

Doue is host to a range of races who have interbreed and created new hybrid races, they are categorized by their main characteristics such as windhawk101's webbed feet and skin colour, this defines him as an endol likke his forefathers even though he shares characteristics of other races who have come to Doue


The city is located below a massive mountain which acts as both a beacon and stronghold. it is a days travel from the nearest city but has began trade and roads are to be built soon


The village is mostly self-sufficient with hunting, mining and wells spread throughout. However, there is a lacking in cloth making materials and certain other minerals, so trade is often used to keep the village going. The villagers will often trade high for silk, which used to be made in Waeto.

Local WildlifeEdit

There are the usual woodland creatures, both good and bad: bears, birds, squirrels, beavers, Taxicost, etc.

Transport LinksEdit

True location of village unknown at the moment.

Locations of InterestEdit

many new wonderful attractions are being built


bandits and wild animals are usually all that anybody has to worry about in Doue