Elder Human Xlaxotl is a far cry from what he once was. Having conducted experiments on himself, he has become a somewhat alien creature. Through various self-performed surgical procedures, he now stands at over twelve feet tall, and is eerily thin. His torso, head and arms still look somewhat human, though his legs are a tall, spiderlike system of pulleys, hinges and struts, with cables hanging loosely beneath like heavy cobwebs. He's added additional arms to his torso, ending with various implements. Some are needles, some are seven fingered hands, and so on.

Adorning his head is a what looks like a carved stone headdress in a mayan style, with some parts broken off. Twining out of these fractures are more cables, some of which have faint colors pulsing along their length as they twist downwards in an odd mockery of hair. The cables may serve some sensory function, or they may be the remnants of some forgotten experiment for which the headdress was some form of helmet.


Xlaxotl is the only Elder Human still alive in the depths of Mt. Yutacan. It's unknown how he's managed to stay alive, but the millenia he's spent alone has driven him mad. It seems he was once a leading biologist, as he managed to single handedly create the Chunel. He is perhaps the only one who knows why he created them.