Concept for Endols by Lucilla


Size: Human height

Skin: Shades of dark gray and brown

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Purple, brown, sometimes completely white or black

Legs: Two

Arms: Two

Artistic Style

Color: Dark green, almost black

Mood: Solemn, somewhat grumpy


Combat Ability: Fair, able to use more primitive weapons with ease (like bows, swords, staffs) but relies on magic when unarmed and has trouble with more advanced weapons.

Magic Ability: High. Able to use the basic elements as well as a couple more classes of spells (time magic, transformation, necromancy), but can only master one or two extra classes. Also has limited potion making skills.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good, but with enlightened selfishness

Home City: Wertrat

Deity worshipped: Rarahat, Boralis, Ecarriln and Alazgoth


Skin endol

Current Racial Skin

When the humans found the swamp Boxious, they saw an opportunity to expand their empire. To do this they enslaved the local populace of Endols living at the swamp's edge. They planned to drain the swamp by digging tunnels underneath and drilling holes to let the water seep down. When they reached that part of the plan, the Endols instead threw out the humans and sealed up the tunnel entrances. They waited out their oppressors and eventually made their dug out tunnel into the town of Wertrat. Eventually, they made a prosperous underground city there. Unfortunately, after they created the Wispens, they had to seal off every area where the blasted little things dug holes and let the swamp water started coming in. A quarter of the city had to be cordoned off and one-eighth of the population died from sickness and poisoning. Also, because the toxic water began to evaporate to toxic gas, the Endols had to race against the clock to create substances to immunize the effects. They succeeded, but not before there were more fatalities. When they took their revenge on the Wispens, they gained an eternal enemy that followed them wherever they went, even when they finally had to abandon their city after the humans came to burn down their village.

The Endols are known for their various, hodgepodge style of dress, scavenging anything off of the unfortunate beings who wandered into the swamp and met their end. They also make use of the foliage and bones to make simple robes and adornments.

Endols also make use of acids and toxins to create magnificent tattoos that cover their entire body.

Inspirational Reference