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This lore is maintained by Thorn. The Village name is pronounced Air-eye-ya.

Cultures Edit

This is a village of the Morannon.

Geography Edit

Located in Northeastern Skaranach, Ereiya is an archetypal settlement for the Morannon. It's built on the slopes of a hill, the workshops being beneath the residential areas and the great hall being at the highest point. It's surrounded by a wooden wall averaging 10-15 feet in height, mostly constructed out of wood. The wall also has patches made of packed earth studded with bone, and the gate and immediate walls around it are heavily braced with steel.

Resources Edit

The hill that the village is built onto is riddled with rich mineral deposits, including iron, copper and zinc. The smiths of the village can extract a strange material from the zinc, using skill and subtle forge magic. This metal, Gallium, actually melts from the heat of the hand. The clever smiths of the Morannon have found a good use for this though, and have, after enchanting it to hold a form to some extent even while liquid, used it to protect armor joints and create armor that can mold itself to it's wearer. Enchanted gallium has also been used in weapons, to create blades that can flow like water and reform to a wicked edge. These weapons are exceedingly hard to parry or block, and the best defense is to dodge or wear thick armor. One flaw of gallium equipment is that it hardens when chilled. The enchantments have warded the metal against simple ambient temperature, but do little to protect against cold magic. Woe to he who is wearing an enchanted gallium breastplate and is struck with a bolt of frost magic. The armor would harden, and make it quite hard to move. The same goes for weapons, a blade ceasing to flow and becoming an oddly-bent, unwieldy thing. Given a few moments not subjected to low temperatures, the items will thaw and resume their normal function.

Local Wildlife Edit

A breed of gazelle is native to the region, along with small birds and lizards.

Transport Links Edit

If one was to head North from Jingara and continue North after crossing the border, they may stumble upon Ereiya.

Layout Edit

The Tier of Craft Edit

This is the lowest region, by altitude. This is where all the workshops and inns are, along with the gate into the village.

Smithies Edit

There are several smithies in the village, with different specializations. Hide of the Mountain specializes in producing armor, while Bragammon's Armory deals primarily in weapons. Both can work gallium to an extent, but the true masters of the flowing metal practice their craft at Flowing Force. If one has the metal and the money, they produce the best enchanted gallium items.

Inns Edit

There is only one inn in the village, travelers aren't common (prior to the Southlands going North). The Weary Warlord isn't a high-grade establishment, but one can still get a good meal and a bed.

The Tier of Hearth Edit

The middle band of the village, this is composed strictly of homes. Usually one story affairs, many have basements at least as big as the above ground structure.

The Tier of Kings Edit

The Crown of the village, the Great Hall sits at the highest point in the village, nearly halfway up the mountain.

The Great Hall Edit

The Great Hall functions as a castle. It is where the ruler of the village holds audience with visitors, and it also houses the ruling family. Beneath the Great Hall is a prison, though it rarely sees use.