by Giordano Pranzoni


Size: Between 4 to 5 feet

Skin: Caucasian

Hair: Most commonly brown but occasionally black

Eyes: 2

Legs: 2

Arms: 2

Artistic Style

Associated colour: Red

Associated mood: Neutral


Combat Ability: Normal

Magic Ability: Normal

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Kandam and Meropis

Primary Faction: The Kandam Empire (evil) The People of Meropis (good)

Deity Worshipped: Golkara, Ashtor, Lumyle and Lunarine


Skin eusebian

Current Racial Skin

Originally hailing form the great city of Eusebes on Alcor, the Eusebians have endured many years of wars amongst themselves and their individual factions. Although neither good or evil the continual wars have aided the technology and advancement of their people and have made them moderately powerful combatants and magic users. The people of Eusebes are particularly good herbilists and are known for their skill at poison making and assassins. Continually having to defend themselves against the vampires of Mymsa, many famous Vampire Hunters have been born throughout the history of the continent of Alcor.

Most outsiders note that the eusebians are often very short in comparison to other human like races. They also are known for their dancing, music and many many piercings and pointed ears. Life among the eusebians varies depending on the village or city you are spending your time at. For example the Kandamese are extremely short tempered and warring, but the people of Meropis are righteous and holy. There are also rumours of sub sects of Eusebians in other locations on the continent of Alcor that share similar and many traits inbetween.

Unknown to the Eusebians of Alcor , the race is directly related to the Meroei of Halcron .

Inspirational Reference

Half Elf