Adventuring levels are not part of Solinia Online and instead we use a skill raising system.

How it works

  • All autogenerated and static NPCs and players are now adventuring level 1 with varying skills.
  • The maximum level you can raise your skills is no determined by your adventuring level.
  • NPC difficulty is now determined by their skills and equipment only.
  • Spell and equipment usage is now determined by your skill level rather than your adventuring level.
  • Players cannot go to an end game dungeon with a high level player and hope to be able to fight, raise skill or get loot. They wouldn't be able to raise skill (due to misses) and the equipment would be of a skill level way out of their league.

Reasons for this decision

  • Player level reduces who you can group with.
  • Levels are associated with grinding/hard work.
  • Any player can reuse and enjoy old content and not feel that they may have missed it
  • When a player has already one title under their belt, their new title quests can still send them to the appropriate place.

Raising skills

Players will raise their skills by making use of abilities/spells and equipment. The more you successfully make use of an ability the faster your skills will raise.


All items, spells and abilities require a specific skill level.


Players will be taught many of their skills and where to and how to use spells and abilities while progressing through Title quests.