Explorers are one of the main player types and are useful to several different types of players due to the unique skills that they may develop.

Explorer Titles


Surveyors spend their life searching the vast world for suitable locations for settlements, guard posts and other structures. They are also adept at locating sunken structures and lost tombs. Primarily working for players and npc cities looking to expand they will spend most of their life surveying land and placing structure flags.

Primary skill: Survey, Plant Structure Flag

Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunters are adept at finding valuables that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. They spend most of their time delving in ancient ruins and exploring unknown seas in search of lost artifacts.

Primary skill: Detect, Dig


Cartographer's spend a lot of their time exploring unknown lands and making maps for use by players which allows them to navigate areas quicker and with more insight.

Effectively, players who have purchased maps will enjoy bonuses in the zone the map is for. For example: increased runspeed, lowered npc aggro, increased vision range.

Primary skill: Mark Location, Create map


Since explorers are mainly speicalised in their area of skill they tend to initially be lacking in the combat arts (due to the time it may take).

Explorers, of any type, can offer adventurers or whole parties the ability to join their expedition for a fee.

Expeditions are advertised on the Expedition Board and can be placed by any explorer with their reward in escrow.