Time Mages

Loyal to only their duties (some more than others), they continually guard the Time Stones in order to prevent disaster. There are six, permanent members of this faction, and all are located on Icaria. There is a seventh mage that is continually reincarnated and will find the Time Mage village at least once in his lifetime.

Element 7

An offshoot of the Tsiyon Guard, Element 7 represents an expeditionary force lost 15 years ago whilst sailing to the distant south. Element was formed following the arrival of the Vishim on the continent of Halcron and represented some of the most influencial explorers and military forces. Acting as an territorial expansion and ambassador group the element expeditions have brought trade and new comers to Tsiyon for many years.

The Committee

Located in Cheju's Hope Library, this is a group of four scholars whose sole duty is the upkeep and protection of the library. They are the four humans who work the closest with the All Consumer.

Cell Squad

Located in the Cheju town Biblio , their duty is to keep the peace between the many meshing races and cultures. They are highly adapted to tracking criminals both in Biblio and the immense surrounding forest. They need special permission to enter Hope Library, however.


Living in the Jungles of Metnalba, this race of alligator-folk is the most advanced culture currently residing in the region. Though not influential beyond the jungle, they make very significant allies, possessing tools uniquely developed for hunting in the dense undergrowth.

The Brassheart Collective

A union of the Rauklete and the Zahnfe that was formed to fend off the advances of the Taktevolken. The combined force has helped, but the Brasshearts welcome any and all assistance that can be rendered. A number of Zahnfe put forward the idea to create a new breed of soldier to lead the battle, one that combined the strong points of both the Rauklete and the Zahnfe. The result was the first of a small but powerful order, the Brassheart Knights. Large out of necessity, they house both high-tension springs and steam boilers, giving them a very large amount of combined power. Though powerful they take a lot of resources to create and maintain, so their numbers will remain few.

The Regulators

A covert group of traumatized, psycopathic and volatile individuals, their goal is the enslavement of Solinia 'for its own good.' Each leader of the group has experienced the worst the world has had to offer and have come to the conclusion that the only way to acheive any permanent good for society is to 'kill the right people, lift up the right people, and scare the hell out of the rest.' This group has been involved from everything to assassination, kidnapping, instigating war and experimentation. One unusual aspect of the leaders is that while melancholic and dark, they each have their own 'personal problems,' ranging from OCD to laughing like a lunatic. These traits, when shown while traveling incognito, tends to give their enemies the impression of an incompetent, harmless individual, hiding a devious mind inside that conspires perfectly well despite these negative personality traits. The leaders overall work well together, but tend to be slightly dysfunctional, sometimes getting into squabbles.


A combination of:


The Bard Guild

(This lore is started by Cuddles, for Kyle and Nitronz to have input on)

Look in any pub, king's court or street corner, and you will be met with someone from this guild. This is the Bard Guild, and it is headed by two men: Kyle and Nitronz, both experts in the political and entertaining aspects of music. As bards often sing tales of history and epics, these two issue the final orders in how the guild is run and who can sing what. This is because it is possible to lose support of a kingdom or group if the wrong song is played, or if a certain song isn't played at all. Because of this, it's not unusual for songs praising the leaders or religious majority to be prominent in certain areas. However, the guild wants to do more than just propaganda and political appraisal, as that does not bring in the coin. In compromise, the guild is permitted to play a certain amount of entertainment songs and then permitted only permitted to play them a certain amount of times per week in a greater proportion to a political song. An example would be that for every time a song praising the king is sung, a ballad would be permitted three times a week. In certain areas, the restrictions are lifted altogether, and even requests are taken. One should not underestimate the guild's influence, for should a king or queen or priest go against them in anyway, the bards are more then willing to rile up feelings in other countries against them. However, these are usually only reserved for the greatest offences, such as killing/imprisoning a bard or not making payment.