Name: Race Name

Size: (Height of the race)

Skin: (Colour of their skin)

Hair: (Colour of their hair)

Eyes: (Colour of their eyes)

Legs: (How many legs?)

Arms: (How many arms?)

Artistic Style

Associated colour: (Colour that is often found with these people)

Associated mood: (Happy/Neutral/Sad)


Combat Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Magic Ability: (Good, Normal, Poor, None)

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Good

Home City: (The Main City of the race, if applicable - or Wilderness if an animal etc)

Primary Faction: (the main faction, ie The Nasudonians)

Primary Deity: (the main diety for this race)


This legendary race has been spoken of many times but few catch a glimpse of them outside of their nightmares and sometimes within the shadows. The Fallen Angels are the dead Tinai that once fought Hiran Asura centuries ago during the Cataclysm . They are bound forever in his service and are led by the Abomination that was once Lera a High Priestess of the Tinai who stood to defend Esoron as the Tinai fled Solinia.

The Fallen Angels are a twisted image of their Kin and lifeless beings of chaos that forever plot and scheme to bring forth the day that their creator should return.

Inspirational Reference

(a web link to some useful art that may help the artist)