This nightmarish creature is one that is speculated to have devoured Element 6.


Size: Large enough to swallow three battleships whole.

Skin: Clammy, green and black, with spots of white

Hair: None

Eyes: Large, puffy and white

Legs: None, has a tail

Arms: None, has four fins instead

Associated Color: A Stormy Sky

Associated Mood: Fear and Hunger

Combat Ability: No real 'fighting style', but its immense size is threat enough.

Magic Ability: None, but may have some sway over water.

Alignment: Chaos

Primary Faction: Element 6


What looks like to be a giant, mutated whale is the Fathom, the carrier for the damned Element 6. Large enough to carry the entire unit in its stomach, it often worked as transport. However, what makes the Fathom dangerous is that when it appears, the waves it makes are akin to mini tsunamis, and the amount of sealife it eats is enough to endanger entire species. The worst part is that the Fathom has been trained to attack any that wander into its seas, as it sees itself as a tool of war against all of Solinia. Thankfully, it only appears when the All Consumer is asleep.

As a weapon, it can eat entire units by opening its mouth and letting the pull of the water drag its victims in. It can also swim at high speed and ram at high velocities, with enough force to leave cracks on an island shore.

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