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The interior of the Great Mound is somewhere between celtic and african in design. Carved knotwork covers the stone areas of the walls, and the dirt regions are embedded with numerous animal skulls.

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The Great Mound is a burial site, and is layed out as such. The less distinguished lay in repose on the various alcoves, while some of the grander heroes have entire subterranean halls dedicated to them.

Transport Links Edit

The only way into and out of the Great Mound is through the Gate of Bricoran, itself the resting place of a Morannon hero. Those of a noble soul are allowed entry, but should one who is sinister in motive try to pass though the gate, Bricoran's spirit will appear and block the path. Should such a person still be intent on entering, they'll have to fight their way past. The Gate and the Mound are located near the center-east of the Skaranach Highlands.

Locations Edit

The Reverent Halls Edit

Lined with alcoves, this is the first region of the Mound. Those intent on paying respects, maintaining the Mound or interring a body are free to pass, but those intent on plunder will find the angry spirits of the Morannon do not suffer thieves quietly.

Halls of the Ancient Kings Edit

It is in these high ceilinged chambers that the bodies of the greatest of the Morannon Rulers are left in repose. As befits their station, they were buried with treasure worthy of kings. Unfortunately, these grave treasures have been being looted as of late by agents of Bonebreath (See below). The spirits rage, but due to the wording used in their burial rights they can only raise their ancient blades against the living, if they should despoil their graves. As the creatures are undead, the spirits lack a way to strike back. The players are fully capable of attacking the undead looters however, and if they can fend off the thieves and their leaders the spirits would gladly gift them with articles from their treasure hordes.

Bonebreath's Bastion Edit

Somehow, a surprisingly enterprising Necromancer has managed to take up residence in the Mound. Calling himself Bonebreath, he's been reanimating the corpses of the fallen as his servants. He has a large number of rank and file followers, and a number of powerful undead heroes. Bonebreath himself is a powerful foe that most parties would be hard pressed to succeed against. However, the spirits of the undead heroes rage against their master, and if they can be freed they would prove powerful allies.