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Cultures Edit

This is the only known place where the Setagn make their homes.

Geography Edit

The floor of Green Hell is a strange place. Flanked by sheer cliffs on two sides and equally tall waterfalls on the other, it can be hard to get out of if one is a poor climber. Rivers meander between the trees, some from the two waterfalls and some from leaking baobab trees. The waterfall water is salty, but the streams from the trees are fresh. The ground is spongy from a thick layer of rotted vegetation. The light is dim at midday, and it's black as pitch at night. The only other light source is the occasional bioluminescent mushroom, which clever explorers will work into lanterns. If someone dug down beneath the layer of soil, they may find ruins from the Human Empire. Most are in complete ruins, some of which actually fell from [[Game:Green Hell | Green Hell].

Resources Edit

This would be an amazing place to grow plants, if only there was light. As it is, every kind of fungus can be found down here somewhere. Beyond that, there's little in the way of useful materials.

Local Wildlife Edit

Insects abound in the darkness, as do many other small creatures that live off them including bats and some lizards.

Transport Links Edit

There are three ways to get to the Floor. Go over the waterfall, fall off a tree in Green Hell or climb down one of the trees. Only the last option is likely to see people be able to survive the arrival.

Threats Edit

Some of the insects have grown to horrifically large sizes. Millipedes that can eat horses, beetles that bore tunnels big enough to walk through and more infest the dankness, and many of them happily eat meat.

History Edit

For most of it's past, this area shares it's history with Green Hell. When the magic that enlarged the entire area kicked in, the floor dropped into darkness. In the thousands of years since, some quirk of magic breathed sentience into a variety of the large mushrooms. Calling themselves the Setagn, they've developed a culture all their own.

Inspirational Reference Edit

Of course the tree trunks are gigantic, being the bases of the trees in Green Hell.