Greenbarrow Town Floorplan



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Due to closeness of Tsiyon there are many different races situated in Greenborrow.

Along with the normal villiagers and hunters that live in Greenbarrow, the Ranger's of Tysion use this village as their head quarters in their fight against the ogres.


Greenbarrow is located in the peaceful Moracre Forest near (something lake) and (something river). Closeby to the east is the great capital of the world, Tsiyon, which receives much of its food and wood from the village. To the west is Osogok home to the fierce ogres, which are feared by much of Halcron's inhabitants.

Along with being used by Tysion as a hunting and logging village, Greenbarrow is also used to defend against the ogre attacks.


Along with exporting food Greenbarrow has easy access to the trees of Moracre Forest and the many different fruits and herbs that grow in the forest.

Local WildlifeEdit

The local wildlife includes the likes of:

And many other fascinating creatures.

It is said that deep in the forest their lives a great demon waiting for its time to again rise to power.

Transport LinksEdit

Out of the south gate there is a dock on the lake that gives access to Silvershade Lake and the Ocean.

There is also a main road that heads out the east gate. This road leads to Tsiyon and is used to transport the food and lumber made in Greenbarrow.



  1. Warehouse
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Farmer's House
  4. Villager's House
  5. Farm
  6. Dock
  7. Fishing Hut
  8. Ranger's of Tsiyon Guild Hall
  9. Town Hall
  10. Temple
  11. Post Office/Bulletin Board
  12. City Guard HQ
  13. Butcher
  14. Public Square
  15. Hospital
  16. General Supplies
  17. Tannery
  18. Tailors
  19. Carpenters
  20. Armory
  21. Weaponsmith

Locations of InterestEdit

  • The Ranger's of Tsiyon's Guild Hall


  • The Ogres of Osogok
  • The various animals that live in the forest
  • A great demon that is said to lay in the shadows of the deep forest


A brief background on the areas history

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