A Guild allows similarly minded players to form a close union with each other.

To form a guild you must follow these steps:

- Visit any city in game and speak to the Guild Registration Officer
- Tell him the name that you want your new Guild to have, the npc will check to see if the name is already taken or not. If not the npc will run the name through the list of banned words, and if it does not contain any of the words in that list you are good to go.
- You will then pay the npc (X) amount of money to register the guild to you.

After those steps are finished the guild name will appear under you characters name, and you can proceed to invite players, in the same zone as you, to your guild. They will be presented with a pop-up window that asks them if they want to join. Once you have members in you guild you can talk privately with members in the same zone as you with the /guild chat command. You can also access the Guild Window, which shows you the current members online, guild message of the day, and the ranks for the guild members. The ranks are: Leader, Officer, Member, and Trial Member. There is also a tab where Leaders or Officers can write down the Guilds Lore/Background. Guilds can also purchase a guild house for a considerable sum or gain it through access quests which the guild must complete.